• चालू करिये अपनी डिजिटल दुकान ।

    अब Cash का झंझट नहीं, मात्र 30 सेकंड में लीजिये पेमेंट ऑनलाइन

  • Features with Every Digital Shop

    FREE Payment Gateway

    Free Payment Gateway to accept 60+ Banks, 6+ Wallet and All Debit and Credit cards. 0% TDR on all Indian Debit cards till 31st December, 2016!

    FREE Social Shop

    Accept payment from Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, E-Mail, Messenger, hangout or any other social media

    FREE Mobile App

    Ad Supported Own branded Mobile App

    FREE Micro Website

    Website to share your quick updates

    FREE SMS Longcode

    SMS longcode for PULL SMS

    FREE Promotional SMS

    Send SMS messages to your customers

    FREE Promotional SMS

    50 Free Promotional SMS

    FREE Transactional SMS

    50 Free Transactional SMS

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    it takes only 30 seconds to accept your first payment

  • Digital Payment

    Identify the payer

    Tell us who is making the transaction


    Share your Invoice

    We generate a digital bill instantly


    Check your bank account

    They click you receive! It's that easy really!

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